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Trucking Accident in Scotland Destroys Row of Cars

By April 18, 2012July 15th, 2019Uncategorized

A major truck accident in South Scotland has demonstrated once again that, no matter where in the world they operate, vehicles with trailers can pose an incredible risk to life and property.

Occurring this past Saturday in the Scottish village of Torthorwald near Dumfries, the accident involved a tractor with trailer losing control and driving into a garage forecourt, according to the BBC. Seven cars were written off as completely totaled, and six others were damaged in the accident. That is correct; in less than a minute the truck had totaled or damaged eleven other cars after losing control.

According to the accident report and witnesses, the tractor and trailer came up over the pavement, drove through a brick wall along the road, and then ran over a series of cars. The vehicle ultimately stopped atop the roof of several of the vehicles.

The accident took place at Torr Garage, where business partner Robert Murray estimated that the accident had caused damages exceeding £30,000.

“I was standing only yards from where the tractor crashed and I shouted to the other lads to help the tractor driver and I called the emergency services,” said Murray to reporters.

Murray said that villagers had been petitioning authorities for a bypass, so that dangerous tractor trailer traffic would not be as persistent a problem in the village. This accident seems likely to underscore the discussion on that point.

Graham Murray, Robert’s father and also a partner in the business, said, “It’s a miracle no-one was walking past or coming in to look at the cars. Normally there are a few people about but we had just opened.”

According to spokespersons for the local authorities, the accident is still being investigated as to its cause – there is no word on whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Wrecking vehicles had to be called in, and the roads were closed for some time to accommodate the cleanup.