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Trucker’s Dispute With Girlfriend Leads to Crash Causing Power Outage in Kansas City

By May 18, 2011July 18th, 2019Trucking Accidents

As a Missouri tractor-trailer accident lawyer, I was interested to see a truck crash that fortunately caused no serious injuries, but left about 250 buildings in Kansas City temporarily without power. As the Kansas City Star reported May 13, the truck ran into a power pole after the driver’s girlfriend jumped onto the side of the truck. The couple apparently had a dispute, possibly over ownership of the coat the driver was wearing. The scuffle caused the driver to lose control and eventually hit a power transformer belonging to Kansas City Power & Light. The woman suffered minor injuries in the crash but will be arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant; the man may be ticketed for careless driving.
The dispute started outside the unnamed driver’s house, when he was walking to his rig. He said the woman approached him on the street and accused him or wearing her coat. He declined to give her the coat and instead got into his big rig. As he drove away, however, the woman jumped onto a protruding area of the truck and continued arguing with him through the window, which was open. The driver told a KMOV reporter that he drove very slowly as the woman attempted to get into the truck, hitting the side of the truck. The Star said they were punching each other. The driver lost control near the intersection of 31st and Walnut streets and hit a pole, disabling a transformer and knocking out power to the region. The crash also knocked power lines down onto the truck. The woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
As a St. Louis semi truck accident attorney, I’m pleased that no one was seriously hurt by this accident. However, that may be nothing but good luck, given the chaos that apparently gave rise to the crash. A driver distracted by a physical fight could easily run into an occupied building or another vehicle rather than a power pole, putting the people inside at risk of serious injuries or even death. Thanks to the great weight of a commercial truck, even a slow-speed crash could do serious damage to a structure or a smaller car. Police were reportedly considering a reckless driving ticket for the driver, but under the circumstances, we wonder if a similar citation would be appropriate for the other person involved in the fight.

At Carey, Danis & Lowe, we pay attention to semi trailer accidents across Missouri because we have a special practice in trucking accident lawsuits. Unlike accidents between two passenger cars, car-truck accidents frequently cause deaths and catastrophic injuries. To make matters worse, trucking companies are a business with far more resources than individuals and families, and accidents are a part of their business. That means they may have insurance representatives and lawyers on the scene very quickly, looking for ways to minimize the money they pay you. Our southern Illinois 18-wheeler accident lawyers even the score, advising clients of their rights and protecting them from shady tactics designed to deny them compensation for their medical bills, injuries and other accident-related costs.
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