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Truckers and Daily Inspections

By July 29, 2008July 18th, 2019Trucking Regulations

Before a truck driver can call it a day, an inspection report on the semi must be completed. According to Part 396 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, trucking companies must require their drivers to detail how critical pieces of equipment operated during the day such as:

• Service brakes including trailer brake connections

• Parking (hand) brake

• Steering mechanism

• Lighting devices and reflectors

• Tires

• Horn

• Windshield Wipers

• Rear vision mirrors

• Coupling devices

• Wheels and rims

• Emergency equipment

If a defect is found that is likely to affect the safety of the rig, trucking companies are required to fix it before the tractor-trailer is allowed back on the road.
The daily inspections, which must be kept for 18 months, are important. An 80,000 truck with defective brakes barreling down the road at 70 miles per hour is a deadly weapon.
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