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Truck Driver Injured in Southeast Missouri Crash — St. Louis Big Rig Accident Attorney

By February 3, 2009July 18th, 2019Trucking Regulations

A truck driver was injured Jan. 13 after his tractor-trailer rolled over on Highway 60, the Joplin Globe reported. The driver was in Lawrence County at about 1:21 p.m. when he apparently fell asleep, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. He lost control of his truck and swerved off and onto the road before swerving off again and overturning the tractor-trailer. No other vehicles were involved, but the trucker was taken to the hospital.
Truck drivers sleeping behind the wheel is more common than you might think, unfortunately. Truckers, particularly long-haul truckers, have to meet strict delivery deadlines, and clients may dock their pay or their companies’ pay for late delivery. That means truckers are under pressure to keep driving, even when they’re so fatigued that they’re no longer able to drive an 80,000-pound vehicle safely. Some just drive while sleepy; others may turn to illegal drugs to stay awake. In either case, the result can be unsafe driving that exposes the motorists around them to serious injuries or even death.
The federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is responsible for regulating interstate trucking, recognizes this danger. That’s why they limit the number of hours per day that truckers may drive and require them to keep logs showing that they’ve complied. Unfortunately, the logs are self-reported, and many truckers simply lie on them — often with implicit approval or explicit orders from their trucking companies. This may help trucking companies keep their profits high, but it’s a very real threat to everyone else on the road. Most truckers who follow these illegal and unsafe practices are never caught — until they kill or gravely injure someone in a serious Missouri commercial truck accident.
Given that this accident happened in early afternoon, we are all lucky that only one vehicle was involved. When trucks hit passenger cars, trucks or SUVs, they can instantly kill the people inside or cause very serious injuries, including brain damage, paralysis and severe burns. If the accident is caused by the truck driver’s (or trucking company’s) own carelessness, victims have the right to hold them legally and financially responsible with a Missouri trucking accident lawsuit. If you or someone you love was in this type of accident and you’d like to know more about your rights and your legal options, Carey, Danis & Lowe can help. Our experienced truck accident lawyers handle claims in southern Illinois and throughout Missouri. To set up a free consultation today, please contact us through our Web site.