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Truck Accident Only Kills Power

By November 17, 2010July 9th, 2019Uncategorized

Tractor-trailers are massive vehicles, and accidents involving them usually end very badly for someone. Fortunately, the only damage done in a recent accident in Chenango, N.Y., was to the local power lines.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m. on Nov.9, when a tractor-trailer was driving through the city proper. Apparently, either there was a malfunction or one of the occupants of the vehicle accidentally hit a control panel, because the vehicle’s extendable crane arms rose several feet above the already large truck. As the truck continued to drive in the city, the vehicle ripped down a number of power lines and large branches, disrupting services such as phone, power and Internet for a number of city residents. The driver continued for half a block before realizing something was amiss and stopping.

Fortunately, the only damage done was property damage. No people were hurt in the accident, and city services had responded to the accident by 5:40 a.m., according to sources.

However, this does illustrate a particular problem with large vehicles. They are so massive and create so much noise as they drive that the operators often are unaware of the exact situation around them. In addition, the fields of view on such trucks are not particularly good toward the sides and rear — and nonexistent for watching for any problems above.

And while no one was injured, downed power lines are dangerous things. Pulling them free could easily start a fire, or have electrocuted a pedestrian. Instead of knocking over tree branches and pulling down the power lines, what if the arms had knocked over an actual power pole, potentially into a building?

Such large vehicles are very serious entities on the road, and care must be taken with their use. Thankfully, this time instead of a grim reminder, it’s more of a humorous anecdote. Hopefully this continues to be the case, and the truckers become a little more situationally aware.