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Troubled Missouri Drug Manufacturer Pulls Almost All Products From Market — Southern Illinois Drug Injury Law Firm

By February 11, 2009July 17th, 2019Dangerous Drugs

Because I’m a drug injury attorney in St. Louis, I have been following the news about KV Pharmaceuticals, a troubled St. Louis generic drug manufacturer. The most recent news, reported Jan. 26 by Fierce Pharma, is that KV has recalled all of the products that it manufactures itself, which is more than 100 drugs and the majority of its products. It’s the fifth drug recall for KV Pharmaceuticals in a year, following closely after November and December recalls of specific products.
As I’ve blogged here before, the December recall was of oversized pills of hydromorphone, a morphine-related painkiller, which raised concerns about possible overdoses. In fact, the same oversized pill problem prompted all of the 2008 recalls, although different drugs (including morphine and dextroamphetamine) were involved. The company already faces lawsuits from patients, as well as lawsuits over corporate governance matters that led the company to replace its president and CEO in December. The article says KV is being investigated by both the FDA and the SEC.
The FDA has not yet announced the newest recall, although KV’s press release suggests that it eventually will. The release does not specify why the company recalled its entire line of drugs, but given the serious financial problems KV is facing, they must have had a very good reason. And given the oversized pill problems it had throughout 2008, more manufacturing defects could be the culprit. While the drugs involved are different, any drug with an oversized pill presents a risk of an overdose, and an overdose of a powerful prescription drug is a serious matter. Depending on the drug, patients could risk death, heart attacks, hallucinations and other very serious side effects.
Patients who have suffered these effects after taking defective drugs from KV Pharmaceuticals — or any other company — have the right to hold the careless manufacturer legally responsible for the results. Based in St. Louis, the Lowe Law Firm handles these pharmaceutical liability cases for clients in Missouri and throughout the United States. To speak with our experienced defective drug lawyers at a free consultation, please contact us online or call 1-877-678-3400 today.