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Triplet Killed, Others Injured in NJ Elementary School Bus Crash

By February 22, 2012July 15th, 2019Uncategorized

Most trucking accidents discussed tend to involve semi trucks on highways, but one type of truck often overlooked in such accidents is the dump truck. Comparable in size and mass to a tractor-trailer, dump trucks are just as dangerous on the roads as other such vehicles, as a crash on Thursday, February 16 tragically demonstrated.

According to reports, the dump truck collided with the side of a school bus full of elementary school children at a four way intersection around 8 am. It is unclear whether the bus was attempting to turn or to cross the intersection, but the impact of the truck sent the school bus sideways into a traffic light post. The most tragic part of the accident is that one girl — a triplet daughter of New Jersey state trooper Sgt. Anthony Tezsla — was killed in the crash, and both of her triplet sisters were critically injured. In addition to the one death, 17 children were injured, three critically: the two triplets and Jonathan Zdybel.

Apparently the children in the bus were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident, but several were reportedly thrown into the aisle by the impact.

Police say that no charges have been filed in the crash, as the investigation is not yet complete.

Members of the state, including Governor Christie himself, expressed their sympathies to the families who suffered injuries and loss in the accident.

What the accident most clearly demonstrates is that trucking accidents — whatever the type of truck — are not limited to causing pileups or spectacular crashes on the interstate and highway systems. This accident took place in a small town of about 8,000 residents, on town roads. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.