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Topamax Birth Defects News: Second Topamax Trial Underway in Philadelphia

By November 7, 2013November 1st, 2017Pharmaceutical litigation, Topamax, Uncategorized

topamax_birth_defects_topamax_during_pregnancy_topamax_lawsuit_settlements_cleft_lip_clefte_palateThe anti-epileptic drug Topamax and its link to congenital birth defects are the subject of another trial being heard in a Philadelphia state court. The plaintiffs in the case, the Gurley family, have a son who was born with a cleft lip, and has since undergone one surgical operation with a handful more on the horizon.

The plaintiffs’ primary claim is that the pharmaceutical company behind Topamax, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, did not warn health care providers and patients about the risks of congenital birth defects when using Topamax during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

The Philadelphia state court is also hearing another Topamax birth defects lawsuit, involving plaintiff April Czimmer. Closing arguments in the Czimmer case began on October 30, 2013. With two Topamax cases being heard simultaneously in the same court, the Topamax lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe are interested to see how the Czimmer case impacts the Gurley family’s lawsuit.

According to Bloomberg, another 134 Topamax birth defects lawsuits targeted at Janssen have been filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, where both the Czimmer and Gurley cases are being heard.

Congenital birth defects most often associated with Topamax are oral defects, including cleft lips and cleft palates. If you have concerns or questions about Topamax use during pregnancy, learn more about Topamax birth defects by speaking with one of Carey Danis & Lowe’s on-staff medical experts.

If your child was born with an oral defect after being exposed to Topamax in the womb, you have a case that may be eligible for compensation. Carey Danis & Lowe is here to discuss your legal options, and to provide assistance with filing a Topamax lawsuit.

Share your Topamax birth defects story with Carey Danis & Lowe today by calling 800.721.2519, or by completing a confidential personal injury claim.