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Testosterone Gel Makers Served Personal Injury Lawsuits

testosteronegellawsuitTestosterone gel lawsuits continue to mount against pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie, the company behind Androgel, and Eli Lilly & Co, the manufacturer of Axiron. These lawsuits cite testosterone gel injuries. The plaintiffs in these cases have used testosterone gel, and have suffered from heart attacks or strokes. There have also been reports of testosterone gel fatalities.

A number of studies, including one published in November 2013 by the Journal of the American Medical Association, demonstrate a link between testosterone gels and poor cardiovascular health.

According to a doctor interviewed for an article recently published by the Indystar, an Indianapolis, Indiana newspaper, testosterone replacement drugs, like Androgel and Axiron, can trigger the thickening of a patient’s blood, and thus, create a situation where blood clots are more likely to develop. As a result of this knowledge about how testosterone replacement drugs affect blood consistency, this particular doctor closely monitors his patients.

Another doctor interviewed by the Indy Star about testosterone replacement therapy expressed uncertainty about the safety of drugs like testosterone gels. This doctor stated that he does not write testosterone prescriptions for patients seeking testosterone gels to treat low testosterone, or low T.

It is heartening to hear that these two particular healthcare providers are extremely careful in their dealings with testosterone gels, especially in light of the dangers that these gels has been known to cause.

How to File A Testosterone Lawsuit

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