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Telephone Scammers Urge Fraudulent Mesh Lawsuits

alertIn what is an unfortunate distraction in the Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon multidistrict litigation (MDL) in West Virginia, news of telephone scammers contacting women about filing transvaginal mesh lawsuits has brought Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon on the offense.

In reaction to news of the telephone scam, Johnson & Johnson, and their subsidiary, Ethicon, requested that the federal judge overseeing their MDL, in which they are a defendant, review all cases to separate truthful claims from false ones, if they even exist.

Johnson & Johnson caught wind of the telephone scam through women who contacted the company about the unwanted, aggressive telephone solicitation. Oftentimes, these women have not experienced injuries, or they have not even received a mesh implant. Still, as reported by Bloomberg, the telephone scammers remained extremely forceful in their attempts to persuade these women to file a fraudulent claim.

It is unclear how many women contacted Johnson & Johnson, but, according to the company, the women’s accounts were of such a nature and/or quantity, that the company felt it necessary to bring the court’s attention to the matter.

This is a major shift in focus for the Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon MDL, from focus being placed on transvaginal mesh complications to the truthfulness of these complications.

For women with cases in the MDL who have been injured, and are anxiously awaiting justice, this shift in focus is an unfortunate and unwelcome distraction from the important matter at hand.

The defective medical device lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe hope that these telephone scammers are stopped immediately, so that the MDL can once again move forward. In no way does Carey Danis & Lowe agree with the actions of these telephone scammers.

We hope that as the court decides how to handle the telephone scam, they remain sensitive to the thousands of women who have genuinely suffered.

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