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Sooouuuiiiiix Pig Pig…I-64 Accident Leads to Highway Covered in Hogs

By December 21, 2011July 23rd, 2019Uncategorized

Semi trucks carry all sorts of cargo on their journeys across the highways and byways of the world. Meaning that sometimes an accident leads to a spill of some rather unusual supplies. Previously we reported about several tons of Coors Light being distributed all over an offramp, for example. This time, Lexington Kentuky’s I-64 was the site of a crash that involved 85 large hogs.

While there is a certain humor in the situation, there is the tragic fact that some of the hogs, the exact number is yet to be determined, were killed. However, no one else on the highway was injured, not even the driver of the semi truck.

It appears that around 3am near the exit for the towns of Waddy and Peytona, the driver lost control of his vehicle and overturned it, leading to the porcine spillover.

The crash was so extensive that, despite no one being hurt, police had to set up a detour to route people around the scene of the accident. As of 8:15 am, when the story was first reported on local news, road crews had still not managed to get the accident completely cleaned up, and traffic was still being held up by the detour process.

This kind of accident illustrates just how disruptive even an accident with no human fatalities can be. Semi trucks are very heavy vehicles, and can be difficult to move once they turn over. It isn’t always as simple as righting the truck and driving it off – oftentimes the wheels, driving mechanism, and frame are so warped and damaged by the collision that the truck instead has to be towed away, or in the worst of cases, broken up and pulled away bit by bit.

In any case, the accident will certainly join the spillover of Coors Light as another tale of strange lost cargo on America’s highways.