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Semi Truck Spill Closes Kansas City Entrance Ramp — St. Louis Mack Truck Accident Law Firm

By February 23, 2009July 17th, 2019Highway Safety

A semi truck rolled over and spilled hazardous chemicals on an Interstate 70 entrance ramp Feb. 6, the Kansas City Star reported. According to the paper, the trucker got out of the truck himself and was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. No other vehicles were involved. A hazardous materials unit from the Kansas City, Kan. Fire Department was called to deal with leaks of antifreeze, oil and diesel fuel caused by the accident.
Load spills are a common problem in trucking accidents, because almost all large commercial trucks exist to ferry goods around our big country. Even a spill of materials that aren’t hazardous can be a problem because of the sheer quantity of goods spilled into the highway; goods like logs can pose a special risk because of their size and weight. But when hazardous materials like gasoline are spilled, the danger increases dramatically. In addition to the problems posed by any spill, a gasoline spill is highly flammable, slippery and polluting. Other hazmat spills could pose a danger to humans because of their volatility or toxic fumes.
A rollover accident involving a large truck is also a serious concern. The size of a large truck poses a threat even when it’s upright and under control; a rollover raises the possibility that it could literally fall over onto another vehicle. And despite the fact that large trucks were just 3.9% of all of the vehicles involved in traffic accidents in 2007, they had a disproportionate share of rollover accidents — 3.5% of truck accidents were rollovers, whereas 1.8% of passenger car accidents were rollovers. And a large truck is also much taller than most passenger vehicles, making it top-heavy and thus more likely to roll over than a low-riding economy sedan.
Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt in this Missouri truck accident. But when large trucks crash and roll over, they can cause brain damage, paralysis, serious burns or even deaths for the people who are unlucky enough to be in nearby vehicles. If the crash is the truck driver’s fault, victims and their families have a legal right to hold that driver — and his or her trucking company — legally responsible for the physical, financial and emotional results.
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