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Semi Collides with SUV Near Humboldt Michigan

By March 7, 2012July 15th, 2019Uncategorized

An SUV and semi truck collision on US-41 near Humboldt, Michigan, has left two people seriously injured.

Shortly before 11:00 on Saturday morning, Alex Manov of Laurium, Michigan was about a quarter mile west of the local County Road FN, driving eastbound on US-41. The 58 year old lost control of his Jeep Cherokee on a sharp curve and crossed the center line of the highway; there was no median separating the routes. This action brought him into the path of 66-year-old Firn Moreu and his westbound semi truck. Moreau is a native of Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada.

Manov’s Jeep skidded directly into the path of the semi, which struck the SUV, injuring both Manov and his passenger, 60-year-old Larisa Petrova-Pollard of Laurium. Petrova-Pollard had to be extricated from the jeep by rescue personnel, and both she and Marov were taken to Marquette General Hostpital. The extent of their injuries are unknown, but were considered to be serious. Moreau was uninjured in the accident.

According to local police, poor road conditions including snow and slush on the highway surface, probably contributed to the accident. The accident led to Manov being cited for careless driving. Local Sheriff’s deputies stated that alcohol was not a factor in the accident, and that all involved were wearing seat belts, which in all likelihood prevented the accident from being much worse than it already was. The accident was serious enough that four local First Response teams were on the scene to assist in the response.

Drivers are reminded that while not every semi truck accident is the fault of the tractor-trailer driver, they are massive vehicles that are difficult to control in the best of conditions. If road conditions are bad, an accident can occur despite everyone’s best intentions, and the smaller vehicle is not the one that will come away unscathed.