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Semi Accident Closes Highway in Ohio

By September 14, 2011July 23rd, 2019Uncategorized

An early morning semi truck accident near Hubbard, Ohio, closed the nearby interstate for most of the day on the 7th of September.

According to sources, the shutdown lasted until at least late afternoon and caused difficulties for a number of drivers easily reaching into the thousands as they passed through the valley.

The accident, of which details are surprisingly few, happened around 4:30 a.m.; the highway was closed almost immediately after.

According to one motorist, the drive from nearby I-79 to the site of the accident usually takes about 20 minutes. Following the accident, the same trip took two hours.

“I was parked more than we were driving. It was terrible,” she commented to local news sources.

People entering Ohio along I-80 were diverted onto Route 62 instead, at the Hubbard exit.

Families were left to try to find detours with their personal GPS units.

Interestingly, many of those affected by the delay caused by the accident were routed to the same Shell gas station near the incident. The owners of the station confirmed that they had done a brisk business helping customers get gas as well as finding their way around the mess. Apparently a large number of those affected were out-of-towners, judging by the fact that many of the license plates at the station at the time were from out of state. This could have contributed to confusion about the accident if most of the people nearby weren’t familiar with the area at the time.

This story gives us a glimpse into what a semi truck traffic accident is like for other motorists on the road at the time. The people who actually know what happened are likely few and far between, leaving thousands to wonder just what is going on and to fend for themselves if local authorities can’t get a viable detour route together.