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Poor Parenting, Depression Linked in Study

By October 28, 2013July 18th, 2019Uncategorized

According to information from an article that was published by researchers at the University of Exeter, poor parenting has been linked to depression. The article also identifies which depression symptoms are more likely to be linked to poor parenting.

The goal in this research is to find more effective ways to intervene and prevent depression from being transferred from the parent to the child. The link between poor parenting and depression has already been found in previous studies; however, this study does mark the first time that researchers have been able to use those previous studies to find out why. The article was published in the journal Psychological Medicine.

The study also shows that memory problems may affect the parent’s ability to properly set goals for their kids at the right stages of development. The study also observed how parental interaction with newborns affect the child’s development.

“We have looked at a wide range of research studies and identified multiple factors that link depression in adults to difficulties in their parenting role,” says Dr. Lamprini Psychogiou from the University of Exeter. “This work will help identify areas in which future research is necessary in order to develop interventions that will prevent mental health issues from being transmitted from one generation to the next. We hope that this will go some way towards helping both depressed parents and their children.”

There is a huge need for newer and safer drugs to be produced that treat depression, since the drugs currently on the market like Paxil and other SSRIs have dangerous side effects including violent and suicidal thoughts as well as birth defects. This study may not be useful in finding new drugs, but it could help parents to better understand the importance of early interaction with their children as a means of preventing their depression from affecting their offspring.

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