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DePuy ASR Trial Strum v. DePuy Hears Testimony from Orthopedic Surgeon Involved in DePuy ASR Hip Design

DePuy ASR Trial Strum v. DePuy Hears Testimony from Orthopedic Surgeon Involved in DePuy ASR Hip DesignIn the latest news to come out of the a DePuy ASR trial being heard in a Chicago court, an orthopedic surgeon, who assisted DePuy in developing the DePuy ASR Hip implant, provided testimony on April 2. In his testimony, Thomas P. Schmalzried claimed that DePuy’s design process was complete, yet if given the choice to use the DePuy ASR Hip implant today, Schmalzried admitted he would refuse, according to an article by Law 360.

In fact, as an orthopedic surgeon, Schmalzried conceded that it has been a long time since he implanted a metal-on-metal hip implant.

As a member of the design team working alongside DePuy engineers, Schmalzried shared that the design and development process behind the DePuy ASR Hip involved many years of research and advice from surgeons and experts from around the world. Schmalzried had an overall impression that DePuy proceeded in an honest and complete manner throughout the ASR Hip design and development process.

The plaintiff in the DePuy ASR Hip trial, Carol Strum, filed her DePuy ASR Hip lawsuit in 2011 alleging that the metal-on-metal hip had a defective design causing the release of metal ions. Ultimately, Strum underwent a revision surgery to remove and replace the DePuy ASR Hip implant.

Contrastingly, DePuy is building a case around the plaintiff’s problems with the DePuy ASR Hip implant as an issue with Strum’s biology and overall health rather than any defects with its own product.

Hearing a different perspective regarding the DePuy ASR Hip implant design process provides much to consider, especially following evidence brought forth in the first DePuy ASR Hip trial revealing DePuy executives’ DePuy ASR Hip implant safety concerns. Defective medical device lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe are monitoring the Strum v. DePuy case in Chicago, as it is only the second DePuy ASR Hip lawsuit to go to trial.

DePuy ASR Hip lawyers at Carey Danis & Lowe encourage individuals who have been injured by the defective hip implant to contact our law firm today for a free legal evaluation about your case, and for assistance in filing a DePuy ASR Hip lawsuit.

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