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NuvaRing Lawsuit Dismissal is a Betrayal

nuvaring lawsuit heart attack

Erika Langhart’s family feels betrayed by the legal system. The Langharts brought a lawsuit against Merck because they believe Merck’s product NuvaRing caused their daughter’s death. Their case was dismissed, denying the couple, through a jury trial, the chance to warn other women of the drug’s life-threatening complications.

A San Francisco Superior Court dismissed the case against Merck and Company on Sept. 10, 2015. The case centered on the NuvaRing medical device, a type of hormonal birth control.

Erika Langhart had 2 heart attacks in 2011 and died on Thanksgiving day. Her parents maintain that Erika died from complications caused by NuvaRing’s desogestrel, a progestin used in the drug.

A New York law firm promised the Langharts a jury trial to broadcast their grievances against the company. Now however, there’s no chance to openly hold Merck accountable because the court dismissed the case.

A Diabolical Legal and Regulatory System

Karen Langhart, Erika’s mother, feels utterly betrayed by the legal and regulatory systems that are in place to protect people.

The Langharts were trying to safeguard and warn other young women about the dangers of NuvaRing. Stripped of the jury trial process, they’ve created a nonprofit foundation to make their voices heard. “Informed Choice for AmErika”, named for their daughter, encourages young women to research all aspects of birth control drugs before making a decision.

Nothing can be done to bring back their cherished daughter, but the Langharts continue to help women change their lives by getting informed about NuvaRing hazards.

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