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Not All Trucks are Created Equal – Crash Kills Pickup Driver

By April 4, 2012July 15th, 2019Uncategorized

The driver of a pickup truck that collided with a semi tractor trailer near Fort Lupton, Colorado this past Sunday was killed as a result of the accident. The accident was reported just before 3 pm on Highway 52 and Weld County Road 21 by the Colorado State Patrol. CSP Trooper Nate Reid served as spokesman, and described the accident as a fiery collision, with both vehicles being engulfed in flames moments after the impact.

A couple who witnessed the accident told local reporter Dayle Cedars that the pickup driver had veered abruptly into the semi truck’s lane. The Nissan pickup hit the tractor trailer head on. One of the couple, who did not wish to be identified except as Marilyn, said, “People in their right minds don’t pull in front of semis going 60 miles per hour.” Her husband, Ron, added “there were booms and fires everywhere.” Other witnesses said the vehicles were covered in flames. Joshua Smith was driving directly behind the semi when the accident happened, and had to drive his own truck into a ditch to avoid hitting the other vehicles. His family then ran from the flames while Smith tried to help the semi driver. The heat from the flames was already too intense however, and he had to back away. Fortunately, the driver of the semi was able to escape, although he suffered burns to his face while freeing himself from the truck.

Marilyn and Ron allowed the driver of the semi to sit in their car while Marilyn called emergency services. Ron and Marilyn said the driver was lucky to have gotten out. Apparently he had also hurt his knees in the escape, and had difficulty walking. The driver was apparently suffering from shock following the accident, and according to Marilyn he stated he couldn’t believe he had killed somebody. Marilyn and Ron said they kept telling him that the accident was definitely not the his fault.

The accident closed down Highway 52 for several hours.