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New Jersey Levaquin Trial Finally Begins

By September 9, 2011July 10th, 2019Uncategorized

The first Levaquin trial in New Jersey has finally begun as plaintiffs Bob Beare and Paul Gaffney begin presenting their case, one that they hope will hold the makers of the controversial antibiotic Levaquin liable for their tendon injuries.

The men’s lawsuits were combined because they are both over age 60, they are from New Jersey and their claims are the same. The men are both claiming that they were not properly warned about how dangerous Levaquin was when it was prescribed to them. The main risk involved with taking the drug is tendon rupture, particularly in older patients using the medication.

With only two other Levaquin lawsuits making it inside a courtroom so far, this third effort is one worth following. In the other two cases, one of the plaintiffs, John Schedin, was awarded nearly $2 million. More cases are on the way, as 1,314 Levaquin lawsuits have been consolidated in a MDL in Minneapolis with Judge John R. Tunheim presiding.

These Levaquin lawsuits are on the heels of the FDA’s black box warning that was issued against Levaquin back in 2008. The warning stated that Levaquin increased the risks of causing older patients (60-plus years of age) to suffer from tendon ruptures. The warning also stated that the risks to older patients increased if the patient was taking steroids, or if they had undergone heart, lung or kidney transplants.

While there are thousands of Levaquin lawsuits being filed all over the country, plaintiffs and their lawyers will all be following this case to see how the plaintiffs fare and making notes on both sides’ arguments. Drug injury cases like these can get complicated, as every case is different in its own way. If you were thinking of filing a Levaquin lawsuit of your own because of a tendon injury, it is best to contact an experienced attorney that can help you understand your own case’s merits rather than waiting to see how this case turns out.