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Monsanto Woos Chemical Agricultural Company

By August 17, 2015April 4th, 2022Consumer protection, Monsanto

gmocornseedlawsuitEarlier this summer, Monsanto twice offered to buy Syngenta for $45 million. Why would the US based chemical giant want to buy out its arch rival in Switzerland?

The answer doesn’t seem to lie in Syngenta’s global seed business.

Instead, it appears that Monsanto is preparing for the future by investing in chemistry to battle escalating plant resistance to its leading product, Roundup Weed Killer. Since the product is not working on some of the very weeds that it was designed to kill, the company is scrambling to find new chemicals to combat the resistance.

Syngenta and its chemical agriculture business may provide answers in developing new herbicide technologies.

Additionally, since grain production is high and grain prices are low, the greatest opportunity (i.e. profits) for ag suppliers will be chemicals, not seeds.

Chinese officials have refused to allow GMO crops into their country and South American farmers have refused GMO seeds. For these reasons, Monsanto is no doubt is looking for other options than genetically modified seeds that tolerate the harsh Roundup herbicide.

Other criticisms of the product include:

  • Seed contamination – it’s impossible to avoid cross pollination of GMO and non GMO seeds
  • Future Risks – Scientists don’t know what the true effect of GMOs is on the environment
  • Terminator Seeds – Since Roundup Ready seeds are sterile for second generation crops, farmers need to purchase seeds each year if they want to use Roundup.
  • Lawsuits – The chemical giant threatens to sue farmers whose crops contain Monsanto’s patented GMO technology. However, since cross pollination is unavoidable, the farmers have no control over the situation and may suffer devastating financial losses when overpowered by Monsanto’s’ corporate legal team.

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