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Missouri Truck Driver Who Fell Asleep at the Wheel Caused Truck Accident

By December 2, 2007July 18th, 2019Highway Safety

A tractor-trailer driver from Missouri caused a crash when he fell asleep at the wheel due to apparent fatigue. The truck hit the concrete guardrail of a bridge over some railroad tracks which caused the trailer to fishtail and the trailer and cab to go over the side of the bridge as well.
The driver of the truck falling asleep at the wheel was the cause of the accident. Fire crews used ladders to reach the wreck where it rested on railroad tracks about 100 feet below the bridge. It took firefighters an hour to remove the truck driver from the wreck. He refused medical treatment following his removal from the vehicle.
This demonstrates the need for strong regulations regarding the number of hours a commercial driver should be allowed to drive. This issue is the subject of much litigation and discussion. I read today in the New York Times that with the Democrats likely to take over the Presidency in 2008 that Big Business is trying to get legislation passed and regulations issued that favor them. Included in this lobbying effort is the trucking industry trying to get the hours of service regulations that were voided by the U.S. Court of Appeals reenacted or revised. This type of accident which could have had tragic consequences is why we need to make sure that there are regulations in place to safeguard the cars on the road from tired truck drivers.