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Journaling to Pay Attention to Side Effects from SSRIs, Pradaxa, Transvaginal Mesh, Etc

By August 10, 2012October 12th, 2023Missouri Verdicts and Settlements

Whether your wife suffered uncomfortable and embarrassing complications from a transvaginal mesh surgery; your father experienced a pulmonary embolism after he took the drug Pradaxa; or you suffered serious side effects after taking an SSRI medication or other antidepressant, you may be able to build a legal case to get compensation and protect your rights.
Bringing a case can be tricky, however, even if you “know” that you have suffered and you have medical records and/or battle scars to prove it. Unfortunately, personal injury victims often do not understand their rights and wind up struggling needlessly.
Taking Back Control by Paying Attention to Your Symptoms
One of the most frustrating things about being a victim of a defective medical technology or pharmaceutical is that you feel like you are no longer in control of your own life: that forces beyond your control are essentially in charge of your outcome.
To take back a modicum of control, consider journaling your experience.
Every day – or perhaps whenever you feel symptoms – write down your experience in a journal. Try to be as objective as possible when recording. The more specific the language you use, the better. For instance, avoid writing down an entry like “12:51 PM: ‘body hurts, don’t feel well.'” Instead, describe your symptoms in more vivid terms. For instance, you could write “12:51 PM: ‘muscles in my back and abdomen feel sore and tender and I have a pounding headache in my right temple.'”
You should also note when how you and how you last consumed the drug — or got exposed to the piece of equipment — that you think might be responsible for the symptoms.
Be More Detailed Than You Think You Need to Be
You are likely not a doctor, so you may not objectively be able to link your symptoms with the correct cause. To compensate for that, just write down all potentially relevant details, including what you ate for your meals, what you did for exercise, and what other activities you did or did not do that could have contributed to your situation.
Lastly, see a doctor ASAP if you have any concerns. Small side effects could be harbingers of major problems. Or they could be nothing at all. Do not wait to get medical help from an experienced and trusted professional.
Consider Connecting with a Personal Injury Lawyer
The team here at Carey, Danis, & Lowe has extensive experience with class action cases involving pradaxa, SSRI drug side effects, transvaginal mesh complications, and more. Learn more about us on our website, or give us a call today for a free consultation.