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Hostess Who Provided Alcohol to Minor Who Caused Fatal Missouri DUI Accident Stands Trial for Involuntary Manslaughter

By July 31, 2012July 18th, 2019Trucking Accidents

Some of the most tragic Missouri auto accidents involve multiple people making multiple errors of judgment.
That certainly seems to have been the case with respect to the death of the 16-year-old Laura Reynolds, who was killed Halloween night, 2009, when 19-year-old Kenneth Blake smashed into her car while under the influence of alcohol.
But where did Blake consume the alcohol? At a party hosted by Sandra Triebel, a 46-year-old Kansas City mom. Although Missouri has never convicted a hostess — or a provider of alcohol — in connection with a fatal DUI crash in Missouri, the prosecutor in this case believes that a compelling argument can be made to convict Triebel of second degree involuntary manslaughter for providing Blake with the alcohol that he consumed prior to the collision.
The prosecutor argued that Triebel’s case was special because:
• She mixed Blake’s drink herself and gave it to him;
• She knew that Blake was 19-years-old – a minor – when she provided the beverage;
• She knew he was under the influence of alcohol when he left her property and got into his automobile.
Taken together, the prosecutors argue, these conditions suggest that Triebel should face an involuntary manslaughter charge. The prosecutors point to a parallel case out of Pennsylvania, in which the host of a party was convicted of manslaughter in very similar circumstances.
What should you do if you lost a loved one – or suffered serious injuries – in a car crash in Missouri or Illinois?
Probably the last thing on your mind right now — if you’re a recent victim or family member of a victim — is retributive justice. You are far more likely to be experiencing grief, sadness, generalized anger, confusion, and possibly physical pain. Unfortunately, time may be of the essence, if you are at all concerned about obtaining a recovery for medical bills, loss of companionship or consortium, loss of work wages, and so forth.
The team here at Carey, Danis, and Lowe can support you and equip you with an intelligent and sound legal strategy to obtain a recovery and rebuild your life after your disaster. Get connected with us today for a free and thorough case evaluation.