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Fourth of July Celebration Ends in Serious Personal Injury for Many Spectators

Despite the best intentions and celebratory nature of Fourth of July fireworks displays, many individuals suffer personal injury as a result of fireworks every year. Usually, individuals who attend fireworks displays feel that they are a safe, fun form of entertainment. However, burn injuries, serious bodily injuries, and fatalities are not uncommon. In total, almost 10,000 people are injured in fireworks accidents every year.

Almost 75 percent of all injuries involving fireworks occur in June and July. Children under the age of 15 are the ones most commonly injured. There are an average of 1,600 instances of firecracker injuries, 1,100 instances of sparkler injuries, and 900 instances of rocket injuries. The most common body parts affected by firework burn injuries are the hands, legs, and head.

Firework injuries can be a result of operator negligence, careless behavior, poor management of the controller, or defective fireworks. In the case of defective fireworks, serious personal injury can result even when participants are as careful as possible. In many cases, property owners can be held liable for firework injuries that occur on their property in premises liability litigation.

Personal injury can result from both personal recreational fireworks and public professional fireworks displays. This year, in Simi Valley California, a chain reaction explosion at a public fireworks display injured around three dozen spectators from 17 months to 78 years old. According to hospital and fire officials, some spectators received burns and shrapnel cuts from the fireworks while others were injured when they were trampled by the fleeing crowd.

Initially, police stated that a firework appeared to have detonated prematurely, causing the accident. However, fire officials stated later that they would need to gather more details from the pyrotechnics company and eyewitness accounts in order to determine a cause.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury from fireworks because of negligence or defective fireworks, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately for more information.