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Fog Causes Four Vehicle Accident

By March 21, 2012July 15th, 2019Uncategorized

Heavy fog caused an accident on the Trans-Canada Highway early on Monday morning. A semi truck was turning at the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 9 intersection when a second semi failed to see the first and crashed into it. Moments later a third semi and a pickup truck also plowed into the resulting pileup. Other drivers were soon forced to a halt as the traffic reached the accident and choked the highway.

The semi truck accident took place 170 kilometers outside of Regina in Saskatchewan. Locals stated that low visibility conditions due to morning fog were common. The poor conditions had also been reported in local news. At this time it is unclear if the drivers were familiar with local conditions or knew what to expect when driving through the area.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the accident had caused injuries but that none of them were serious. Emergency crews responded quickly to the scene. The accident led to the closure of the eastbound lanes and traffic delays for much of the day. Police stated that the fog had actually grown worse throughout the morning. Crews were working to keep traffic routed onto alternate roads through the area after the accident.

This accident illustrates the ways semi trucks can be dangerous to others in bad weather. Low visibility conditions can exacerbate the poor handling and slow response times of these massive vehicles. Accidents can also quickly get out if hand in such conditions, eventually affecting many other vehicles in addition to those involved in the original accident.

Deputies did not say whether drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident. No names have been released or charges filed in the matter. Local authorities simply advised motorists to avoid the area if possible. Thankfully this accident did not cause many injuries. Given the number of vehicles involved it could easily have led to much more serious consequences than a closed highway.