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First New Jersey Levaquin Trial Almost Underway

By August 15, 2011July 18th, 2019Dangerous Drugs

The first Levaquin trial in New Jersey is about to get underway as two plaintiffs are combining their lawsuits against the makers of the popular antibiotic. Bob Beare and Paul Gaffney both allege they were not properly warned of the side effects — specifically tendon ruptures — before taking Levaquin. So far, the total number of mass tort New Jersey Levaquin trials has reached an astounding 1,763.

The lawyers have given plaintiff fact sheets to Judge Carol E. Higbee and there have been status conferences already started with the intent of moving the chosen cases to trial. One status conference, which took place August 11, was rescheduled from its previous July 14 date; that conference was expected to address various things such as motions to prevent some evidence from expert witnesses.

As for the plaintiffs themselves, their cases are going to be tried together as a single trial. The start dates are set at late August or early September of this year. Both men are older than 60, and both of them suffered from tendon ruptures after taking Levaquin. Both of the men are from New Jersey and their cases will be tried together because they were filed under the same circumstances.

Levaquin has been the source of thousands of lawsuits because of the drug’s link to tendon ruptures and other injuries. Not many of the cases have gone to trial yet; however, at least one case awarded the plaintiff almost $2 million. Still another case was lost. These Jersey cases are expected to help break the “tie.” It is hoped that the next trial to reach a decision will help plaintiffs to understand what to expect as far as a verdict is concerned, even though that’s nearly impossible to predict. No matter what the decision is in this case, many cases have small differences that can sway the decision for or against a plaintiff.