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Facebook Provides Information About Previous Crash of Semi Driver Involved in Fatal Accident

By January 23, 2013July 18th, 2019Trucking Accidents

On January 8, 2013, a trucking accident involving a semi and five cars left two dead, two badly injured, and five more who were transported to the hospital. The semi truck, which was driven by Scott Saunders, was moving along US 30 near New Haven, Indiana when the traffic lights for the westbound lanes turned green. As Saunders approached the intersection, traffic was only just beginning to move when the semi struck traffic. The authorities have stated that the semi left no skid marks. Though they confirmed that the semi did not slow down, they have not given any indication as to why.

One vehicle in the terrible crash was engulfed in flames. A witness to the crash stated, “I wish I could have got them out of there. The flames just engulfed it; and there was just nothing anybody could do.” According to the Allen County Coroner’s office, Suzanne K. Stephenson and Sandra Dealey were both wearing their seatbelts but died of blunt force trauma to the head. Stephenson, 65, and Dealey, 43, were driving two separate cars.

The accident occurred at 10:48 a.m., east of Interstate 469. Scott Saunders is a 50 year old Kenosha, Wisconsin resident, according to police. With the investigation still underway, no decision has been made by New Haven police on whether or not Saunders will face charges.

Investigations into Saunders’ Facebook page have revealed that his posts indicate he may have been involved in other trucking accidents, one of which was likely just two weeks before the January 8 crash. On December 28, a post on Saunders’ Facebook page read, “Why do cars think they can beat up on trucks one tried tonight and lost.” Following that post, a comment from Saunders stated, “Yea I fine it didn’t hurt the trk but there is a 3ft hole where the other guys headlight should be.” Another post, made on January 9, the day after the New Haven crash, said that Saunders was getting “help.” What kind of help and whether this information will play a part in any Verdicts and/or Settlements involving Saunders remains to be seen.