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Dump truck Rear-ends Car at Red Light, $1.28 million Jury Verdict

By May 4, 2007July 23rd, 2019Verdicts and Settlements

After a dump truck read ended a car at a red light, a jury awarded the plaintiff $1.28 million plus prejudgment interest and costs. The plaintiff suffered multiple herniated discs, torn cartilage in her right knee, and incurred medical specials of $111,900. Plaintiff may also have to undergo future surgery and continuing medical treatment and therapy. She has been employed as assistant manager of a local store earning $19,000 per year and was permanently unable to work. She claimed $133,000 in past lost wages and an additional $323,000 in future lost wages.
The plaintiff Moreno sued the driver of the dump truck and the truck driver’s employer who owned the truck. The suit against the driver alleged that the driver was negligent in failing to stop and rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle and the suit against the owner was based on the fact was the drivers agent.
Plaintiff’s experts were Pat McKenna, occupational therapy, Lakewood, Colorado; Scott Shaffer, pain management, Wichita Falls, Texas; Lawrence Varner, orthopedic surgeon, Aurora, Colorado; Greg Reichardt, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Thorton, Colorado; and George Rossie, clinical psychologist, Denver, Colorado.
Defendant’s experts were Gretchen Brunworth, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Centenial, Colorado; Ron Carbaugh, clinical psychology, North Glenn, Colorado.
The jury awarded plaintiff $1.28 million plus prejudgment interest and costs. The insurer of the truck driver’s employer, paid the entire amount.