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Driver Hurt in ATV Rollover Accident

By June 2, 2008July 23rd, 2019ATV Accidents

As the weather heats up, all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts are taking to the trails. Unfortunately, some are getting hurt.
On Sunday evening, a 40-year-old man suffered a head injury when the four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle he was riding crashed, rolled and landed on a bed of rocks at the bottom of a hill. The accident occurred on a trail in Kansas City, Kan. KCTV-5 reports that the man was airlifted to the University of Kansas Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.
The news story doesn’t identify the make and model of the ATV involved in the accident. However, one four-wheel ATV model that has been responsible for countless injuries and deaths is the Yamaha Rhino.
Introduced in 2003, a driver and passenger sit side by side in this top-heavy ATV that rests on narrow tires, making it rollover-prone even at low speeds.
Compounding the danger is the absence of doors on the original model. Drivers and passengers have sustained broken legs, required leg amputations and even lost their lives because they tried to catch themselves as the ATV tipped over.
After the model was introduced to the market, Yamaha sent letters to owners, notifying them that sharp turns could cause the ATV to tip. The company also warned owners not to stick their legs out to stop a rollover. In 2007, Yamaha offered to retrofit all new and used Rhinos with doors and additional handholds. The 2008 models will come equipped with doors and grab handles. However, the modifications do not fix the design flaws that make the ATV top-heavy and prone to tipping over.
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