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Christian Brando Wrongful Death Suit Settled

By August 31, 2011July 10th, 2019Uncategorized

The wrongful death suit filed by the late Marlon Brando’s ex-wife on behalf of their son, Christian, has been settled on undisclosed terms.

“All I can say … is that the matter is being dismissed,” said the attorney for Anna Kashfi, who filed the lawsuit in January of last year.

Three years ago, Christian Brando died of pneumonia after being admitted to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

Kashfi’s lawsuit named physician Jay Doostan as liable for her son’s death. Doostan had apparently prescribed a certain medication to Brando for his pneumonia days before he was sent to the center, instead of admitting him to the hospital immediately. The suit claimed that Brando could have very easily survived the pneumonia if he had been admitted earlier and given proper medical care.

The case further stated that Brando’s estate was damaged by his death, because when he died an inheritance from his father, Marlon’s, estate was no longer available to the younger Brando’s survivors.

Doostan was the sole remaining defendant in the series of lawsuits that followed Christian Brando’s death.

Kashfi had earlier filed suit against CHA Health Systems Inc, a company which owns Hollywood Presbyterian, but this part of the suit was settled in July of 2010. She had also filed other suits against a friend of her son’s half-siblings, Robert Ming, as well as the half-siblings themselves — Teihotu Brando and Rebecca Brando. The suit against Ming also reached a settlement, the terms of which included that the two other Brandos were dismissed as defendants, but the other terms remain undisclosed. The nature of this suit is that the three defendants had made arrangements to dispose of Christian Brando’s body, but did not inform Kashfi of their decision; the suit thus charged them with negligence in disposing of human remains.

Christian Brando was in the hospital for 15 days before he died of respiratory infection from his pneumonia. He was 49.