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Bus Accidents in Southern Illinois

By April 15, 2014January 29th, 2022Bus Accidents

After a bus accident, passengers and other motorists can pursue a claim for damages if they were harmed in the collision. Bus accidents in Southern Illinois raise many complicated legal issues and it is important to speak with an experienced attorney after a crash involving a bus.

Who is to Blame for Bus Accidents in Southern Illinois?

Bus accidents can take place involving any type of bus transportation including school buses, tour buses and public transportation buses.  Passengers and other motorists on the road may all be harmed by the collision.  Passengers always have a third party to blame because they are never responsible for causing the accident. When another driver, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a bicyclist is involved in an accident, it is essential to determine who caused the wreck.

If the bus driver was responsible for the accident, then both the passengers and others on the road can all pursue claims against the driver. However, the driver may not have as much insurance coverage or as much money as the company that employs him.

The company should be held legally liable for the negligent actions of the driver on-the-job.  A bus company can also be held legally responsible for its own negligence. For example, a company that was careless in hiring and didn’t properly screen its drivers can become liable for causing the accident by failing to live up to industry safety standards and best practices.

Since multiple individuals and companies could potentially be held liable, it is essential to speak with an attorney when pursuing a bus accident claim. A Southern Illinois bus accident lawyer can help you to decide who the appropriate defendants are to ensure you recover the maximum possible compensation for your losses.  Your compensation after the bus accident should be enough money to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, or wrongful death damages if your loved one was killed in the collision.

Vicarious Liability Issues

Determining which defendants to pursue a claim against is just one factor that makes bus accident cases complicated.   Often, these types of accidents involve public transportation vehicles or public school buses. This raises issues of sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity rules protect government workers and government agencies from some types of lawsuits. While it is still possible to pursue a claim against a government entity, special procedures apply and the case becomes much more complicated. If your bus accident involved any type of public transportation or public vehicle, it is imperative you are represented by a legal professional with experience suing the government.

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