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American Academy of Pediatrics on IUDs

By October 27, 2014April 4th, 2022Mirena, Pharmaceutical litigation, Uncategorized

mirena_mdl_lawsuit_dvt_blood_clot_settlementsThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has announced their position on the use of intrauterine devices (IUDs), a form of birth control, by teenage girls. The AAP came to the decision that IUDs, such as the Mirena IUD, which is manufactured by Bayer, provide more dependability than other forms of birth control.

Supporting the use of a form of birth control that more reliably prevents unwanted pregnancies is a sound stance, especially as it concerns young people. However, the Mirena IUD is an imperfect product. As such, if it is to be used by young people, it is of the utmost importance that they be made aware of some of the more serious Mirena IUD side effects.

The Mirena IUD has been known to dislodge and migrate to other parts of the body. In some cases, women have been informed by their doctors that their Mirena IUD has perforated their uterine wall. Mirena IUD perforation can lead to organ damage and infection.

It Is Time for Action

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