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Massive Crash Kills One, Hospitalizes Two

By January 25, 2012July 11th, 2019Uncategorized

One driver is dead and two others are in the hospital following an devastating car and semi-truck crash in the town of Lake Wales, Florida.

According to Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies, the tractor-trailer first crashed into a Toyota Corolla on Highway 27. Both vehicles then drove into a building, demolishing it almost entirely in the ensuing wreckage. It seems that the Toyota crossed into southbound lanes and came directly into the path of the sand-hauling semi-truck. The resulting collision led to the truck driving the Toyota into the building.

The Toyota’s driver was pronounced dead at the scene, presumably killed instantly in the collision. The driver of the semi-truck had minor injuries, and the adult male passenger of the Toyota was critically injured in the collision. Both were taken by on-scene personnel to different nearby medical centers for treatment.

Local news video footage shows that the car was crushed almost beyond recognition by the massive semi, and even the truck has incredible structural damage visible in the video. It is likely there would have been no way for the Toyota to break free or turn away from the impact once the semi struck the rear of the vehicle.

According to reports, the building is essentially a total loss. However, in something of a lucky break, no one was in the business at the time of the crash, which is why the injury report was not higher.

It cannot be stressed enough to drivers of smaller vehicles — semi trucks have the capacity to do great damage to cars, and can even demolish entire buildings with their impact. Drivers are urged to use the utmost caution when using a road that has semi access. Semi-truck drivers operate large, cumbersome vehicles under very difficult conditions and they are not always in compliance with safety or rest requirements. Be cautious and be safe.